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HCG Therapy

Vitality’s hCG Protocol: A Unique, Modern, Much Healthier & Realistic Approach to the globally used Nutraceutical over the past 70 years:

This option of our rapid weight loss program, featuring pharmaceutical grade hCG injections, can provide an efficient solution your weight loss regiment, incomparable to that of like any other we’ve seen in our many years in service as Coaches. Our program at Vitality Wellness Center in Meridian has helped patients lose up to 30-45 pounds in one hCG cycle of up to 60 days, with an average of up to 2-4 pounds of weight loss per week.

Based on a Proven Protocol:

The HCG diet is based on a proven weight loss protocol created by the famed Endocrinologist, Dr. A. T. W. Simeon (read below for more details). The protocol combines hCG with specific meal plans and Coaching supervision to help patients reduce their weight over time. It’s a protocol designed to increase the fat burning process while keeping the body energized throughout the day. Dr. Simeon states that hCG is providing the body with energy from stored fats, thus allowing the reduction of foods/ fuels to promote rapid weight loss.

Several Clear Benefits:

The hCG protocol has proven to offer numerous clear benefits to those with weight loss challenges. One of the most important is that patients can significantly reduce their weight in a short period of time. Many people utilizing the hCG Nutraceuticals see significant weight loss results in the first 1-to-4 weeks, unlike other diets, which may require several weeks or months before beginning to see the first results. Another is that you can see rapid results without the requirement of exercise. Yet another is that you should not feel hungry or fatigued while reducing your caloric intake, like you may on many other diets when eating less or cutting out certain food groups. Finally, you can focus solely on creating sustainable nutrition habits for yourself, without having to drastically cut calories or limit food groups, and still see significantly satisfying weight loss results.

The hCG Process:

When beginning their HCG protocol, many patients are concerned about the injections they must endure for optimal results. A typical program at a respected health care facility, utilizing modern approaches in current case studies and clinic data will consist of 21-54 days of hCG usage, or a period of 3-8 weeks. Injections have been said to be the most optimal out of the options, because of their higher bioavailability or absorption rate. Injections are estimated to have a 50-60% higher absorption rate than oral drops or pills, which offer only an estimated 10% absorption rate. At Vitality we have the option for both pharmaceutical grade injectable and oral hCG, ultimately leaving the choice to you as to which you are most comfortable with.

Ideal hCG Candidates:

The hCG protocol is suitable for a broad range of individuals. However, just like anything, it is not a fit for everyone at Vitality, because our programs are not a 1-shoe-fits-all approach, which we attribute to one of the many reasons our clients and patients see tremendous success. In order to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the hCG protocol, we require a Consultation, so that a full evaluation of your lifestyle, goals, and health history can be discussed. Allowing us an opportunity to best educate you about your options allowing you to make a decision you feel confidently about.

More on hCG:

In the 1950's a famed Endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons M.D. discovered the incredible benefits of hCG for weight loss. hCG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta in pregnant women. Dr. Simeons states that hCG causes the body to use stored fat for energy. It is a brilliant safety mechanism that nature has instilled so the baby will have plenty of nourishment. Dr. Simeons administered the hormone by injection and had great success in his medical practice, averaging a pound a day weight loss with his patients. The problem as we see it, is that his treatment required daily injections for a minimum of 23 days, up to even 54 days.

At Vitality, our team of Medical Professionals and extensively experienced Nutritional Therapy & Weight Loss Coaches have developed a system to simplify the process. Rather than daily injections, requiring you to come into the clinic every single morning or take the medicine home, draw it up to the assigned dose, and then self-inject, (doesn’t sound fun, right?) our Protocol allows you to see optimal results with only ONE weekly injection. That’s right, once weekly, administered by our licensed medical staff members, we take the hassle out of the old fashioned hCG protocol requiring a grueling daily shot.

Our patients average 2-4 pounds per week on our unique, modern, safe & healthy, effective hCG protocol. Will you lose 45 lbs in 45 days, like many Medical Clinics promise while on our hCG program? No, you most likely will not. However, if you take our above stated averages, you will see that you can lose up to 30 pounds during 1 hCG cycle. As we see it, this is a much healthier, and much more sustainable approach to rapid weight loss. Losing weight too quickly can result in loss of muscle mass and can also cause significant negative repercussions on the metabolism, creating a rebound effect that results in re-gaining potentially all your weight back, if not more. This is exactly the kind of yo-yo dieting that we look to avoid and is one of the driving forces behind our modernized, healthier approach to utilizing the hCG protocol for rapid weight loss.

At this point we know you’re wondering what the Nutrition Protocol looks like.  Dr. Simeons, after many years of research, has a very clear protocol, which we again, have experienced to be very outdated, and extremely restrictive, making it difficult to follow or lead to success. However, Vitality Wellness Center’s Nutrition Program is very effective and much easier to do than Dr. Simeons original 500 calorie, extremely restrictive program. Our Nutrition Protocol, like much of what we do here at VWC, is designed around YOU, the individual. There is no “one shoe fits all” approach to the diet. The hCG injection will work how it is said to, regardless of what you eat. So instead of asking you to starve your body and cut out a large majority of food groups, we create a lifestyle based nutrition regimen that is attainable not only for you, but also one that when needed, your family can follow also, without ever even noticing you’re on a “diet”.

If hCG is accessing stored fats and providing them to your body like a fuel source, as Dr. Simeons research suggests, why then would it be so necessary or crucial to implement a 500-calorie starvation diet, affording you to eat only lean meats and green vegetables? The choice is yours to decide, but if you’d rather take advantage of the incredible benefits hCG has to offer, without a depravation approach, then our Vitality Protocol may be the fit for you. Schedule a Consultation to learn more.

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